Dressta has introduced the largest model in its line the TD-40E EXTRA crawler dozer featuring an, environmentally friendly, quieter Cummins QSK19 Tier 3 engine.

This new model delivers excellent drawbar pull resulting from a high maximum torque. The new engine delivers 515 net horsepower at 2000 rpm. The massive cooling module is equipped with a hydraulically driven variable speed fan to handle the cooling characteristics of the new Tier 3 engine.

The two major features, released with the TD-40E EXTRA include a  preselection gear system and an automatic downshift function that offer the operator a choice of various automatic operating modes, especially useful in repetitive cyclical operations.

Contributing to a productive full day of work is the standard six-sided cab, which offers a comfortable interior with superior all around visibility.

The two doors and sliding side and rear windows provide an excellent view from within the cab. Along with the large viewing area from within the cab, excellent blade and ripper sight lines enable the operator to have precise control of the machine via ergonomically designed controls. The cab is sealed and has a built-in air re-circulation system with a sound suppressed and separated from the engine compartment for a quieter, more comfortable ride. The air suspension operator’s seat is adjustable and equipped with full armrests and a retractable seat belt. The seat swivels 14 degrees to the right for a greater view of the ripper and enhanced controllability designed to reduce operator fatigue.

 The combination of a three-speed transmission with Dressta’s exclusive two-speed (Hi/Lo) steering provides six forward and six reverse speeds for unsurpassed load-matching capabilities. Dressta engineers have combined the hydraulic control system on the TD-40E EXTRA with advanced solid – state electronic circuitry in an exclusive electro-hydraulic motion control system. All control functions are activated by movement of the joystick or by selecting control buttons on the face of the joystick. The joystick control provides both up and down shifting of the transmission, Lo or Hi range selection of both left and right track drives or full – power geared turns. Pushing the right or left rocker switch selects the desired Hi or Lo range. Moving the joystick forward or back moves the dozer in the desired direction – a Front / Rear detent provides hands-free motion, moving the joystick to the left or right activates clutch-brake or pivot type turns.

 A rear platform located below the fuel tank aids in refuelling, air conditioning filter changes and rear cab window cleaning to enhance serviceability. Maintenance on the Dressta TD-40E EXTRA includes a 500-hour oil change interval. The air conditioner condenser has been moved to the rear of the cab roof for easier access.


  • Large capacity blades with full width wear liner and a double tilt/pitch system are available for all types of dozing operations
  • A system of preset travel speed selection and an automatic downshift function provides high productivity
  • Heavy duty undercarriage
  • Three-shank and Single-shank rippers
  • Exclusive two-speed geared steering system offers superior traction, steering control and 6 speeds forward and reverse
  • Modular power train, easily accesible diagnostic check ports, filters and sight gauges for increased serviceability
  • Arctic and hot climate, hot slag and coal handling dozer applications, designed for increased crawler dozer versatility

Optimum performance

Tier 3 emissionized cummins engine

Exclusive two-speed geared steering system

Full-u and coal blades available

Single-shank or three-shank rippers

Ease of operation

Advanced motion control

Comfortable cab with air recirculation system

Easy maintenance and serviceability

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